"Around the Taklamakan Desert"

tosei-sha (15 Oct. 2005)
B5, 120 pages (colour), 1,500 Yen

6000km long trip on Silk Road. People meeting people, traditions of various ethnic groups, daily lifestyle, day to day practice, and dynamism of new and old crossing each other. This photo collection is filled with these things. (TOSEI publishing)



"TOPOPHILIA-Fundamental images of Kyushu-ryoku"

2,200 Yen

I have started this series approximately six years ago when I realized that geography and scenery of daily lives of Takachiho that I happened to come across looked similar to that of the Himalayas.

A territorial connection, which is likely to be lost in developed urban regions, utilization of wisdom and practices handed down from the forefathers, and the going-back-in-time feeling are relatively preserved here in Kyushu.

Gradually, I became conscious of “Topophilia” – love of place – that resides in people's heart: the Kyushu-ish uniqueness, that longing emotion for your hometown, and Kyushu's territorial nature where new things are accepted while conservative aspect is preserved; cultivated through actively engaging in dealing with overseas since long ago.

"Topophilia" is a termed coined by geographer Yi-Fu Tuan. I felt the desire to seek emotional bonds through the five senses, eye for beauty, recognition, attitude, values, etc. and revisit Kyushu through my own perspective so as to apply them for my photographs.

I believe Kyushu is a place where people and nature coexist with a positive influence. Fundamental images of Kyushu-ryoku (strength of Kyushu)” constitutes the deep layers of people's daily lives: a sense of the wild required to coexist with nature, accumulation of solid wisdom, innovative ways to leave good practices to their descendants, and etc. I wish this attempt will become one of the lights that can lead Japan and bring the dawn of new age.



"Re-birth -Women beside the Ruins"
Masako Imaoka

MADO-Sha Publishing Co., Ltd. (31 May 2003)
A4, 96 pages (colour), 4,200 Yen

A truly moving photo collection taken quietly but actively of strongly surviving women that devotedly worked to protect her family whatever the circumstance may be, while bringing healing to her surroundings in world's conflict-torn regions and disaster affected areas such as Turkey, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Eritrea, Kosove, and Afghanistan. (Mado Publishing)



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