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From M.Imaoka

There are many people around the world needing support. Through photographing, I have continued to confront the fact hoping to be of some help. This website mainly introduces the social documentary work that I have done in that respect.
After 2006, I have restudied the situation with a focus on Japan. Amidst the passing time, I became interested in engaging with presence that is universal to me.
I wish to continue photographing the present while repeating "rebirth."?


"" is a home page introducing Ms. Masako IMAOKA, professional photographer, who has been travelling around the world to collect photographs of people heroically living in various lands of suffering.
Ms. Imaoka's photographs, which depict the reality of these lands of affliction, are beautiful and touching. They teach us the extraordinary power of people's "energy for life". We hope you will enjoy the fantastic work of Ms. Imaoka which brings light into the chaotic world we live in.
Toray will continue to support Ms. Imaoka, a former Toray employee,through the ""
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